About Me
"I express myself fully, having been concluded from reliable, common and non-counterfeited evidence, weighted with the morally correct perspective of summed humanity, without guilt to create necessary detriment, without hesitation to discover and expose those who lie, cheat, slander, steal, betray and take joy in watching others suffer, without fear to put yours truly at risk for the ideas and views he believes in, all seemly compiled to build a common idea of an epitome, to provide inspiration and insight to others, and to influence and encourage others, as a result, to help better our society."
I am trying to make the world into a better place. My definition of better is satisfaction for current and future populous. One might argue that this is impossible, but alas, I do it for my love. I love the idea of a world where we live side by side in peace, and we continually grow. Towards the stars. With no limit. Just keeping-on going. Up and up and up..

There can be infinity to improvement. And yes, setbacks occur, but I see them as curves in a winding road: Just keep the engine revved so when you pass the apex you can accelerate hard.

I will try to get to know you. The more people you know, the more people you don't know, and the more open-minded you are. If you have a problem, fix it! Don't complain for days. Take action. If you need advice, there are people willing to help. I am one of those people. I want to help you because I want to make the world a better place.

Let's do this together_